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February‎ ‎20‎, ‎2019

Ask not what Plano can do for us as citizens, but ask what we can do for our beautiful North Texas City….

As a lifelong Plano Resident and an American citizen, The Long’s family Plano History foothold, stems back over 6 generations.


How many on the council can truthfully say that today?


To this day, I continue to reside, witness and be very diligent in speaking out for the molding and shaping of our wonderful city’s future.


Thanks to our life Long Plano citizens, and recent residents who moved to our great city after learning of our firm dedication & convictions to care for our citizens, their safety, our beautiful city and business financial security, have witnessed amazing changes in the past.


I, Daniel Long wholeheartedly understand not one person can change things back to the good old days. Though as a city, together we must progress with the times for the continued success and survival of our beloved Plano.


“We The People” of Plano, should have a say in the direction for the future of our city. Our tax dollars should always benefit our fine citizens and NOT any special interest group! Plano continues to grow and expand in the name of success & progression. Together we will strive and achieve your steadfast goals as a city.


With your input and great leadership support, I Daniel Long will make sure standards are raised and Plano continues to be a great place to work, play, live, and raise a family.


I am your candidate who’s willing to make our lives better like it was in the past, but in today’s higher standards with vibrant progression.


With your commitment, collaborative team efforts and my continued love and care for our wonderful citizens of Plano, I am asking for your full support as caring Plano citizens to vote… Long4Plano this May 4th 2019. Let’s continue to keep Plano a prosperous and thriving city!!


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